Reattaching a kickstand spring

I have a Puch Maxi e50 engine, I took the clutch cover off to replace the gasket and I am having a lot of trouble getting the kickstand spring to reattach. I tried cleaning it off to get rid of any rust and I attached it to one end then put the other end on a screwdriver and tried stretching it to the other end but it barely extends at all and I can't get it to attach. I also tried to remove the screws on the sides of the kickstand to make it lean more to the side when I attach it but that didn't work either.

I've been looking up what to do online and everyone keeps linking to a video that no longer exists on Youtube, so if anyone could offer any tips that would be great.

Re: Reattaching a kickstand spring

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

"Put one end in a bench vice, bend the spring over 180 degrees and insert pennies or dimes between the coils. When you straight it the spring will be a heck of a lot longer. Clip it into the spring hole or peg and remove one penny or dime at a time.

Wear safety glasses when messing with stretching springs, neighbour of ours has to be a pirate at halloween for the last 40 years because he did not..."

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Re: Reattaching a kickstand spring

Or do what I do... attach both ends of the spring to their perches then use the stand itself as leverage and pull it down under the bike. Then just bolt it up and voila! Done...

Re: Reattaching a kickstand spring

I use 9in linemen pliers. hook spring on kickstand then pull up with pliers to hook on bike. not easy but works.

Re: Reattaching a kickstand spring

simon thokaar /

Tim Regan Wrote:


> I use 9in linemen pliers. hook spring on kickstand

> then pull up with pliers to hook on bike. not easy

> but works.

thats what i do, but damn that penny idea is a good one.

Re: Reattaching a kickstand spring

When I don't have my spring hook handy I use a loop made out of a thick zip-tie or two, or some thick wire; hook one end of the spring on the case cover, the other in to the loop, step in to the loop with the tip of your shoe and pull the end of the spring down over the nub on the kickstand. And yeah, wear thick-topped leather shoes/boots, safety glasses, and just keep yourself out of it's possible path if it were to slip. One of the reasons I prefer pulling down towards my foot (which already had a hole put in the top of it by vespa clutch shrapnel, leather would have helped vs canvas sneaks) than up towards my face...

Thing that bugs me is spring orientation, If you put it the way they show in the manual the coils rub on the kick stand and it does not want to pop up as easy. No way to put it really without it rubbing on something. (edited)

Re: Reattaching a kickstand spring

Thanks y'all. I tried the penny idea but couldn't get it to bent more than 90 degrees even with two full grown men trying to push the ends together, I thought I had the stock spring but I don't know, it seems unusually tight, I can't imagine how anyone even got it on there in the first place.

I also tried combining the penny idea with the zip tie idea but even then it wouldn't go past 90 degrees.

I tried decoiling it slightly with pliers just so I would be able to fit pennies in it but it was taking forever and I got a quarter of the way through when I noticed the orientation of the spring clip had turned to the point in which it would no longer latch onto the vehicle in the right direction (I know it was stupid, I should have realized that was going to happen beforehand.)

So I kind of gave up and just went to the local hardware store and they happened to have a spring that was just as thick as the one I had and almost as long but would actually stretch far enough to latch on if you use a screwdriver.

The kickstand doesn't go up as quickly as it used to but it stays up with no problem so I think this spring will be fine.

Thanks again.

Re: Reattaching a kickstand spring

It's really not that difficult.

Put your rear wheel up on something (I use a cinder block), re-attacth the spring to the stand and clutch cover first, then maneuver the center stand in place and clamp it. And yeah, wear safety glasses.

Re: Reattaching a kickstand spring

I use 2 screw drivers, one long one medium.

Hook one end of the spring into its spot, then stick the screw driver through the other hole and put then end of the screw driver behind where the other spring hook is going to be.

Use the screw driver as a lever.

the spring might just slide down the screw driver or it might need to be pushed down by the other screw driver.

That also works for clutch springs.

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