Rebuilding a za50

I recently acquired a seized za50. After banging the piston out of the cylinder I split the cases open. Well I am needing a new crank and bearings. Having trouble finding one on treats. What do you guys recommend as a replacement. Is there a better one to get besides stock for kitting it? Thanks

Re: Rebuilding a za50

Send it to mopedcrankworks (Google it). He'll rebuild it with a Rito conrod and true it and whatnot. Price is $80 or so...maybe $50? I don't remember. His prices are listed on the site. His turn around is usuallly a week or two.

Re: Rebuilding a za50

Aye, had one done, sending in another, good deal. Make sure the seal journals aren't too pitted (fingernail test) and give it a couple nights dip in evaporust first if it has any rust on it. (edited)

Re: Rebuilding a za50

either is great as long as it's true and you can shim it properly you're golden

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