Mikuni Needle Retainer

I've some how lost my needle retainer for my VM 20 bolt on. I've emailed treats, called Sudco and Mikuni does not make this part separately from the carb. I put up an add to buy one or maybe somebody's junked carb, but I have low hopes. Any way I could make my own? Any ideas would be super helpful thanks

Re: Mikuni Needle Retainer


Re: Mikuni Needle Retainer

Seriously? https://www.treatland.tv/mikuni-carburetor-needle-clip-p/mikuni-needle-clip.htm

Unless you mean the screw in part, then get another slide. (edited)

Re: Mikuni Needle Retainer

Which type of clip is it ? I have lots of Mikuni parts. Is it the old style that is large and fills the bottom of the slide ?

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