Adjust idle Encarwi carb

New to Tomos, have an A3 with an Encarwi carb that does not have a choke or Idle screw. How does one go about tuning this bad boy?

Re: Adjust idle Encarwi carb

You don't tune it. To choke it, you press the button on the throttle and it allows the slide the drop down all the way. Then take the slack out of the cable, when you open the throttle the button will pop back and that is the idle position.

Re: Adjust idle Encarwi carb

Hmmm I will have to look for this button, working on a $40 fixer upper so this all new to me. Hell to start you peddle backwards. That messed with my head for a bit. lol

Re: Adjust idle Encarwi carb

And what if you don't have that button?

Re: Adjust idle Encarwi carb

keep kicking it , it will start just takes longer

i'm missing the button on mine too

you adjust the idle with the barrel adjuster that on the throttle cable (edited)

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