84 QT50 petcock


I just picked up a yamaha Qt50 that looks to have been sitting since 2000. Obviously the gas in the tank is bad and everything needs cleaned. My question is the petcock, it's in rough shape internally, can I install an inline filter and a cheap valve for now, or do I need to find a replacement petcock? I have already pulled and cleaned the carb and cleaned the tank as best I can without taking it off the bike.

Any thoughts would be appreciated


Re: 84 QT50 petcock

I think that valve can be totally disassembled and cleaned, it even has a sediment bowl. If it leaks and needs to be replaced Treatland has them. An inline filter doesn't hurt either. (edited)

Re: 84 QT50 petcock

every thing you wanted to know about petcocks http://www.myronsmopeds.com/category/frame-fork/gas-valves/

Re: 84 QT50 petcock

I pulled it apart last night to clean it and the rubber gaskets internally are shot. Thanks for the info. For now I just want to see if it runs. It's in really good shape other than having sat for 14 years.

Re: 84 QT50 petcock

As long as the pet cock doesn't leak throw a filter and shut off on there and it will be fine.


Re: 84 QT50 petcock

matt boda1nz /

You can get o - rings from the hardware store to seal it if it leaks externally. If it leaks internally just throw an in line shutoff on it like arlie said.

Re: 84 QT50 petcock

Thanks guys, I replaced the factory value with just an on off switch and added and inline filter. It fired right up.

Re: 84 QT50 petcock

THANKS for posting what got it going for others.

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