Benelli starts and then dies after about 5 miles

Gabby Zawacki /

First of all I am totally new to the moped world and so even though I have read the wiki I would still like some input from people more experienced than me.

I just bought a 1977 Benelli Blazer in good working condition. It starts up fine (after I became used to starting it) but after about 5 miles of riding it, it shuts off. The first time this happened I had bumped the fuel valve with my foot into the off position so it made sense. Today it did it again and I am not sure why.

When I started it up today it was not as smooth at first and it seemed like it was struggling to catch the throttle. Sometimes during the ride it felt as if it was struggling to get fuel into the carb but after a while that went away. I still need to clean the carb and fine tune it (to the best of my ability) but I was just wondering where the best place to start would be. The previous owner did not drive it much and never drove it for extended periods of time so I'm guessing this was not an issue for him.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Re: Benelli starts and then dies after about 5 miles

Probably Fred /

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