Erratic decceleration on Tomos LX

I just got a 2008 Tomos Targa LX with a 64cc kit. It wasn't running, but with a little fortitude, I conquered the problem (Flooding due to a bent float bowl "float pin") This beautiful machine has a Biturbo exhaust that came with the "Airsal" kit.

First of all - It decelerates with a decided jumpiness. It accelerates fine, and has a top speed around 45 mph, (Not sure, because speedometer is very erratic), and I believe the machine is way too loud! Its hard to describe the deceleration but sort of like: Wow -- Wow -- Wow -- Wow! and the machine actually jumps a bit with each "Wow".

I'm curious to hear if anyone else has had similar results, and what if any fixes, ideas or suggestions might be forthcoming.

Re: Erratic decceleration on Tomos LX

Repack the silencer to quiet the exhaust a little bit. The erratic deceleration sounds like a carb issue to me. For the speedometer, oil the cable and grease the driver, that should settle it down a little bit.

Re: Erratic decceleration on Tomos LX

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I had piston port 2 stroke engines go putt putt putt putt when back off the problem is with a tomos is it stays locked second gear until you go real slow it's not so bad with a manual clutch that you can lust pull in the lever .

A puch za50 or e50 engine it's not so bad either

Re: Erratic decceleration on Tomos LX

Thanks for the responses guys! Repacking the silencer sounds like a good idea, but, - I'm not sure exactly how to go about that. Does that "biturbo" come apart? and if so, is there a particular material or packing that is available at the local moped shop?

AS for the speedometer, I never gave it a thought that the erraticness might be in the cable and "sender", and I have had many apart before. I'll get on that right away!

As for the jerky deceleration, I never considered that the 2nd gear clutch may be the problem I have another Tomos (94 Targa ST) which doesn't have the jerky downshift, but I believe the shift to 2nd gear is at a much higher speed. I have seen articles about the different "clutch springs" that provide different speeds at which the clutch shifts. So looks like I may have to experiment with different clutch springs and try to get a shift at a higher speed.

Thanks again for the interesting responses!

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