a polini pwk

hi got a polini pwk carb. seems the carb slide has a little back and forth play. well, after talking to keihin who polini copied these carbs from, they told me it was supposed to have a little bit of back and forth play.

well, i noticed that my bike, would sometimes run fine. i would rev it back and it would sound good. then i would notice, that it would breakup real bad. anybody else ever had this. am i the only one to ever tune a carburetor? what should i do? should i prod through 1 million carbruetros until i find one thats good? see the deal is, when the slide moves back and forth, air gets around it on the sides.

i noticed before i ever hooked it up i called sudco and everythign. talked to a supervisor there. acted like he knew everythign.

as i was playing with the carb i noticed the slide would get stuck to the front, and not leak, every once in a while. i would, do this, to test it. suck on the intake side like the engine would. someitmes it would actually be in teh forward position and only barely suction air. then but most of the time, it would suck air from around the sides of the slide, the slide would be pushed back and stay there.

so thats all i know and when i rev it back it would sometimes, like once or twice havent had it a month, rev back and sound good. but then itd start breaking up and sound like crap. kinda like how it would stick to the front, for a little bit there every once in a while.

so. what should i do? have you guys got any carbs you ever looked at this? got one never having a problem im talking about and you check it and tell me its good and tight in the slide? forwards and backwards movement?

when the slide sticks to the back, most of the time, it breaks up. i rev back and it breaks up.

thanks. (edited)

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