Getting a 87 Trac running?

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I got a Free 1987 Trac Olympic moped last year and got it running for a day or so then it seized up because the oil injection went out.

( I know I'm a dumb ass) I forgot to check it. Anyway about 4 months ago it was stolen out of my shed by some kid. He cut every single f*ckin wire on the thing! I un-seized the engine but at this point I don't know what to do or where to start. I can't find any parts either. Someone please help

Re: Getting a 87 Trac running?

Patrick Keaton /

Take a bunch of crimp butt connector terminals and a crimping tool and butt connector all the wires back together would be a good place to start in rebuild the wiring harness.Are you the one that claims to have a M-56 clone ?

If so, to prove my point,M-56 or M-56 clones never had an oil injection.

Re: Getting a 87 Trac running?

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I looked at the VIN # to make sure it was an 87 and it was. When I lift up the seat there is a empty spot where the oil injection tank should be but someone had ripped it out and just went to pre-mix. I had it running last summer before this kid broke in my shed and cut all the wires. I never had the key with it I just used a flathead screw driver to turn the ignition on the on position. When I pulled it out a few days ago I put fresh premixed gas in it and cleaned the carbs and etc. And it just wouldn't turn over. Could it be because the ignition is screwed up?

Re: Getting a 87 Trac running?

Brent Bublitz /

Strip all the wiring, hard wire the motor and rig the head light/tail light. Run brake lights if you want. Turn signals? nah.

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