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I have been looking everywhere for a rear tire for a Yamaha RX50. Everyone is telling me they don't make tires to fit this anymore. They are 3.5 x 16 and one helluva a bitch to find. Heidenau makes one called the K33 but everywhere is sold out. I thought I found a place that still had them in stock but after placing my order they contacted me to say they are on back order.

Anyone know of other tires that will work?

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Try looking using the modern sizing like 100/90-16. This also might be worth looking into.


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Thanks! I just found the same tire on http://www.motorcyclemaniacstore.com/ and pulled the trigger right before I saw your message. I did try to use the modern sizing but everything I found was sold out, for front only. or tubeless. I thought I knew about tires but in the last 5 days I realized I don't know shit. Had to get new tires for 3 bikes(mb5. RX50, targa)! Shit gets expensive but better than riding on old cracked rubber. I wasn't sure about going tubeless and how that would work so I didn't explore that much.

If anyone else is interested here are a list of the tires I found that will fit and are not listed under SCOOTER TIRES. All of these had 3.5 x 16 Rear tires:



Kenda K489 Motorcycle Tires


The heidenua looks the coolest to me but also cost $70 and is out of stock everywhere until mid to late august.

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So as soon as I ordered the Duro I got an email from Mike at Motorcycle Maniacs letting me know that tire is back ordered. I asked about the Shinko and Kenda and he had the Shinko in stock. It was priced at a little more and he just gave it to me at the Duro price. Around 3pm yesterday we made the agreement and its now 10:00am and my tire just arrived at my front door. WHAT THE FUCK?! how the hell did they get a tire to me in less than 15 hours? I chose the cheapest shipping at $7.

Just thought I would spread the word that motorcycle maniacs was an excellent experience. Hard to find tires, friendly staff, UNREAL shipping speed. I thought I would be getting this sometime next week!

PS the tire looks great and I will post a pic of it on the RX50 this weekend.

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I don't think tubeless will work and good point about old tires on 30+ year old mopeds. Just bought 2 Sava MC2's from treats +2 tubes was $75. Shipping is where they get you most places will ship free over $150 so I threw in a Polini kit and saved $45 in that. Treats lists the Heidenau in 16 x 3.5 but was out

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I also just bought some Sava's for the MB5 (Sava b3) along with tubes and a mitas H-02 moped tire - 19 x 2.50 for the front wheel of the RX50. 19x2.5 front and a 3.5x16 back.... weird ass combo when I am used to moped tires. Had to stuff a few other fun things in to get the free shipping. Not sure whats up with the shipping calculation on treatland but the price before free shipping was $181 (cheapest).... whoa wtf? All i got was gaskets, a fairing, tubes, tires x 3, and some small bits. So glad there was freeshipping on that one.

I wanted to get the Heidenau from treats when I realized they carried it. But I am impatient. It looks like no one has the Heidenau right now but it should be in stock everywhere by the end of August or sooner. I was unfamiliar with Heidenau until recently but they make some nice looking tires in hard to find sizes with a vintage look.

Has anyone used Heidenau tires? I am curious about the quality for future purchases.

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Never heard of Heidenau I like the Sava's for the price and they handle better than the Carlisle's I had.

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