Morini mo2 countershaft bushing

Christopher Jones /

I recently acquired a cosmo colt 2 with a morini mo2, and got it running noticed a sound coming from the transmission, So I drained the fluid not alot came out and started looking at things

I noticed the counter-shaft had alot of play, after further inspection I believe I need a new bushing but can't seem to find one. Is this a common issue and has anyone found a simple solution?

Re: Morini mo2 countershaft bushing

I've never worn one out,but then I've never run one without enough good,clean oil.

You can make a bushing out of copper pipe as a last resort,just leave a slight gap so oil can get in there.

Should be able to find one and match it(length not important as you can cut it) up by searching the net. don-ohio

Re: Morini mo2 countershaft bushing

Christopher Jones /

Thats a good idea, I could cut one out one out on the lathe at work.

Do you know if that bushing sets the thrust for the countershaft?

Re: Morini mo2 countershaft bushing

No,I'd have to dig out a manual or search this site for a drawing.The main thing with ANY moped tranny I've worked on is to put the shims and washers back in the same position,and the circlips also. don-ohio (:^)

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