tomos sprint rear brake broken

recently I had my tire tear and tube pop so I had to take off my back wheel to get it all fixed. In order to get the rear wheel off I had to take the brake cable out out of the bolt that was holding it. I put my new tube and tire on and now can not seem to get the rear brake working again. I have the brake wire held in with the bolt and the inner braking system seams to be working fine, it just might not be expanding enough. anyone know how to fix this problem. I'm a total rookie when it comes to mopeds this is my first, any help will be appreciated.

Re: tomos sprint rear brake broken

You have to adjust the cable wire so that it pulls the brake arm enough to take the slack out of it.It should ALMOST make the brake shoe rub,but not quite,when the brake lever at the handlebars is in the relaxed posiition. don-ohio (:^)

Re: tomos sprint rear brake broken

Unfortunately you might not have an adjuster like bicycles do. So you either need a helper to hold the lever on the brake pate in position while you pull the cable with one hand and tighten the bolt with the other, or figure out what position the bolt needs to be, slack the chain, tighten the bolt, and retension the chain.

Re: tomos sprint rear brake broken

David Jones /

this sounds like what I am looking at. I had to have a buddy help me just to get it where it is at and even then it still doesn't quite work.

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