PA50 Bogs at 24 mph

Corny Cornwall /

My PA50 idles and runs great, but when I hit about 24 mph it bogs. It slows down to about 21 and then runs fine... until it hits 24 again.

Here's my setup (mostly stock) and what I've done:

bbq'd exhaust

Stock airbox, filter looks like a foam piece that was cut to fit. I oiled it.

Stock carb, stock jets (I guess). Clean. Real clean. Float level is correct.

Any ideas? Too much fuel or too much air?

Would adjusting the needle clip position help?


Re: PA50 Bogs at 24 mph

The pa50 has no needle.

If you oiled the filter you ate likely running way too rich. Manu people have to slide the filter tray out a bit even to lean the mixture. The bike is jetted fairly rich stock. Adding excess oil to Tue filter increases restriction. Try sliding the tray out a bit and see if the problem improves or gets worse. If better, clean the oil from the filter or make a new element out of something more porous.

Re: FA50 Bogs at 24 mph

Corny Cornwall /

Brain fart! It's an FA50.

(I've been coveting a Hobbit for a while now)

Re: PA50 Bogs at 24 mph

Stock FA50s aren't very fast USUALLY. Did you check the exhaust port for being clear when you removed the exhaust pipe?

Also put in a new spark plug. don-ohio

Re: PA50 Bogs at 24 mph

It is your metal stock reeds. get some .35 carbon fiber paper and make some yourself. cut them the same as what you replace. replace your stock muffler with a MLM sidebleed or if you dont have 200 bucks just weld on some shit off stock header. Don't forget to upjet if you change pipes.

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