Newly bought 78 Puch only goes around 20mph

The Problem:

It's a 78 Puch Maxi 2. It only goes 20-22 mph. If the speedo is off a bit, then it's slower then that if anything. It has a second fuel tank taped to it which it runs off of because the previous owner said the main tank needed to be flushed out. It runs really quite. It emits a lot of smoke and a fowl smell when running.

My Thoughts:

It's my buddies, he's even more new to peds then I am. My first thought was to unbolt the tailpipe from the engine and see it the top speed increases and the smell/smoke decreases.

My second was to clean the carb. I've never done it but I could probably figure it out with videos.

I wonder if the old stock tank dirtied up the carb and/or engine. I'm sure their is reason it's running off another tank. I kinda doubt it would even run off the main one.

It's also a 2-speed, and I'm not familiar with them. Maybe it's not going into the second speed? I only rode it for a couple minutes, and I wasn't looking for problems so I didn't notice.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Re: Newly bought 78 Puch only goes around 20mph

Overpriced Parts /

Jetting is off air/fuel mix off, exhaust clogged

You want the oil smell you need 50 to 1 two stroke oil to gas

2.6 oz to one gallon

See Fred's guide in wiki

Re: Newly bought 78 Puch only goes around 20mph

Yeah I put the correct fuel mixture in it for him. I'll have to look for that wiki, thx.

Re: Newly bought 78 Puch only goes around 20mph

Yea definitely look at the carb and air filter first, that's the easiest thing to fix and the place to start. Those old carbs are touchy though so it has to be clean and you have to get the air/gas ratio right for the bike to run right. sounds like you might be running thick - too much gas or not enough air. and you're right, the carb might be gummed up from the old crummy tank.

Re: Newly bought 78 Puch only goes around 20mph aware that the 1hp ZAs are slow as shit. You could have one of those if everything else checks out.

Re: Newly bought 78 Puch only goes around 20mph

drain the trans, measure what comes out and refill it with the correct quantity.

the exhaust could be clogged, but it's the result of the smoke / smell, not the cause.

what you get out = what labor you put in.

service the entire fuel system, exhaust, brakes, bearings, long list.

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