Motobecane AV7 No Top Speed!

Hello Moped Army,

As this forum has long been my 1980 Travelers savior...I once again ask (plead) for assistance!

Just got finished taking my old tried and true Gurtner carb off and replacing with the Dellarto 15.15 treats party specific for the Moby (lever choke). Ran all new throttle (magura assembly), new belt, petcock, fuel line, all new cables and a Simonini exhaust. She stars better than ever (doesn't drop a gallon of fuel at each start!), sounds great but has NO speed at all!!!

She's a single speed 25 mph version and before I GPS her at 28 after warmup on flat land. Now I am lucky to hit 15. Fuel tank was cleaned out during this restore and with the new petcock she seems to flow just fine. I do see air bubbles in the line..but I need the experts opinion on where to go next.

I wasn't expecting a "ripper" but I wanted to at least retain my former speed with a little more efficiency.

I am at your mercy...any help will be greatly appreciated.

Re: Motobecane AV7 No Top Speed!

Try taking the air filter off the dellorto and looking inside to make sure the little choke piece isn't caught on something. The lever choke can be a little tricky.

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