maxi has no spark

I got a stock maxi. It is missing the kill switch and just has the lose wires hanging. Will that effect the spark having nothing hooked up for a kill? And if thats the case can I connect the stock wires to bypass to check spark?

Any advice would help.


Re: maxi has no spark

Patrick Keaton /

Are you using a known good spark plug ?

Take the spark plug cap off and check it with an ohm meter.

There is a resistor in the one that came from the factory,and the resistor can go bad.

If all of that is good,remove the blue-black wire from the terminal block;[magneto side] and connect the exposed

end with the green-black wire in the terminal block

If no spark still, remove the black wires from the terminal block

If still know spark file breaker points with disposable finger nail file and set the breakers to .017

Replace high tension coil and spark plug wire with known good one,as a last resort.

Re: maxi has no spark

Well? We need feedback! don-ohio (:^)

Re: maxi has no spark

I tried the different wiring advice and still had no luck so I just put in a cdi that I had in the garage. Thanks for the tips on how to fix the issues though. I appreciate it

Re: maxi has no spark

Thanks! We need closure my friend! don-ohio

Re: maxi has no spark

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