1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II no-spark

Bradley Barrus /

No battery is present. Keylock switch and headlamp switch both ON. The headlamp illuminates when the engine cranks.

A peer check is requested for the following troubleshooting plan:

The electrical wiring harness's pigtail connector to battery is present. The pigtail connector has four conductors: solid red, solid green, red w/black tracer (two conductors). The electrical schematic shows the red/black wires are jumpered together at the battery's corresponding mating connector. The red/black wires conduct power from the alternator into the CDI unit. without this power, no spark is produced.

I ordered a Honda OEM battery for it in order to get the proper mating pigtail connector and I'm hoping the Honda battery comes with the fuse/fuse holder too.


PS This bike was purchased yesterday by my brother (for $50!), it's all there (1064 miles) and I assured him its engine will run once we get the correct Honda OEM battery installed.

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II no-spark

Bradley Barrus /

The spark was restored with a new OEM battery which had the correct connector containing a jumper wire which conducts power from the alternator to the CDI.

We accessed the carburetor by removing the motor mounting bolt and the rear shocks bolts. I found the main jet and emulsion tube plugged with dried gas. I also cleaned up the float valve seat and verified the float would float in gas.

After it was buttoned up, we ran it. I see the carb float bowl overflow drain tube periodically pukes gas. When this happens, the engine stalls or nearly stalls. I'm pretty sure the float bowl level is too high such that when the float valve opens, it lets in too much gas.

We notice the engine periodically four strokes when running along at max speed (26 mph). I believe the same float bowl level condition results in a rich fuel:air mixture when the float valve opens.

The plastic float is not adjustable. Perhaps its connection to the float valve needle is warped from ethanol; causing it to control float bowl level too high?

Has anyone else experienced this problem on a Honda PA50 Hobbit?

Re: 1983 Honda Hobbit PA50-II no-spark

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