Removed oil pump now 4-cycling

Honda express ii.....I drained the injector oil then removed and cleaned my oil pump. Put in fresh Honda GN2 and bleed the oil line. Now bike runs like shit. Tops out at 20 mph and surges like its 4 cycling. Never did this before I removed the oil pump. So I removed the air filter and then it runs perfect. Put air box back together and runs horrible, wtf. Any suggestions?? (edited)

Re: Removed oil pump now 4-cycling

Just chill out, maybe think about getting a better air filter...why did you remove it...for fun, remember if it's not ----- don't fix it.....

Re: Removed oil pump now 4-cycling

matt boda1nz /

Too lean. If you mix oil you are leaning out the mixture. So you need to upjet or restrict the air. (edited)

Re: Removed oil pump now 4-cycling

I think its too rich. When I remove the air filter it runs like a champ. When I put the filter back in it goes in and out of 4 stroking when it reaches top speed. Might gonna try removing the exhaust and see what happens.

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