1978 Batavus regency help

Im restoring a 1978 Batavus and wanted to see if anybody knows any places to get parts? also what would you recommend for a engine, I wanted to try and make a electric start is that possible? wanted a fast engine give me your thoughts any advice would be great! thank you

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

fallout Survivor /

1) Electric start on a moped? silly, extravagent... not needed.

2) Batavus is not known for easily being made fast. Parts hard to come by for the M56 motor. It can be done.

Parts source: craigslist, ebay, Buy/sell forum on this site . also

www.themopedjunkyard.com has parts a little more expensive but most concentrated source. www.treatland.tv has some compatable parts.

Based on how you are framing your questions it appears you have a steep learning curve ahead of you.

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

Duran, since you live nearby try Myrons for parts in Fullerton. He knows Batavus. I might know something or two myself and would be glad to help.

I believe I saw this one for sale and was considering the purchase because I can't resist a BAT. Other than the rare Moprix toptank I just found this week, my last and very Satisfying purchase was a very clean HS-50.

If you decide you want to give the project up or would like to trade for a running stock ped, leave me a message.

Bats aren't going to move you fast, if it's an M56, it's not worth the headache if you need parts or carb. I just deal with it. Dutch mopeds.

Good Luck

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

haha yes i have experience on motorcycles (dirt bikes) now making the leap to mopeds, the original engine seems like quite the challenge to come by is there any good engines out there you would recommend in replacement? if I need to I can weld brackets. My goal on this bike is to make it the sickest badass cafe on my streets haha.

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

I don't think now I'm planning to use the m56 or t any engine the bat came with. Going to try and find a puch or tomos engine. I saw on treat land they have those performance engine case kit... haven't really decided what engine any advice would be appreciated !

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

Mineralli V1's are bullet proof.

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

are they fast engines?

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help


i think it should fit right in where

the M56 was. only have to drill

one hole.

someone here has done this before

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

that hole is for the mounting of it right?

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

♣Slew Foot♣ /

damn chinese 64cc race engines, may as well just get a bicycle and a kit.

if you are in it for speed just give up on the batavus, it will cost way more to mod than just getting a fast bike to start with or at least one you can buy pro parts off the shelf for.

a rough estimate on the batavus is about $15 for every mph over 30 then like $100 for every 5 mph above 40.

i have a 62cc stock overbored m48, when i look back i cry. it was way more expensive than just getting an e50 based ped and a kit, pipe, carb.

oh yeah and its still not ran, 3 year project. i am in no hurry to blow it up.

every time its close to finished a new set of problems arise, i am waiting to get new reedblocks and fudge a 19mm intake/carb on there somehow.


Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

They can be. They made a lot of them and still do under Yamaha , mostly scooters now.

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

If you want to mount it go ahead its yours. Sorry I had to.

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

ok thanks for the help

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

We are here for you.

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

Brent Bublitz /

Just do the v1. It's the easiest swap and the motors are easy to build.

Re: 1978 Batavus regency help

pm sent about m56

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