FA50 Piston slap?

I'm obviously gonna have to pull er apart. Probably this weekend

After I ride it to friends garage,

So rattle in the crankcase too loud tapping noise under load.

I'm wondering if should just order piston ring, gaskets and crank bearing preemptively?

Re: FA50 Piston slap?

I can't make out any thing in that video. Your all over the place with the mic and it's dark as hell.

Why do you mention the piston and then say the sound is in the crankcase? Those are two separate locations. You need to study up on the proper definitions of the engine's parts to describe exactly what you are trying to get across.

Re: FA50 Piston slap?

dude, all I hear is an exaust leak damn...

Re: FA50 Piston slap?

Exhaust leak it is.

Thats the first thing I checked that night after the noise started. put my hand all around the exhaust port , felt nothing.

So today I go back out the and see a noticeable gap.

Ride to a local auto parts store on the way the exhaust swings out...

part of the exhaust bracket is missing so to Jerry rig it the previous owner must have drilled the three holes in the remaining piece and 3 holes in a washer any bolts in those holes are missing and I had to use a key ring to hold it on to get it home ...one of the exhaust bolts is missing now too.

fun fun


Re: FA50 Piston slap?

Dude, your still not making any sense.

Re: FA50 Piston slap?

Yeah I got nothin *shrug*

Re: FA50 Piston slap?

FA50s are super easy to work on. Just pull the jug off and see what it looks like in there... 6 bolts to remove the foot rests and 4 bolts to remove the head/jug. Then post some photos.

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