Sources for Vespa moped electrics??

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i ASKING FOR a reference for condensors for a 1980 2 wire condensor for a vespa grande. 18 mm dia.

This bolts in a hole in the case externally but there seem to be no suppliers of this kind.

Alternative external mount solutions ?

I could possible expand the hole to accomodate a 20 mm version that fits a vespa scooter 6. v. but that seems like sacralege.

Re: Sources for Vespa moped electrics??

Condensers are not really 6v or12v I just got one from Treatland 5.99 for a Vespa Piaggo to put in a V1 for half the cost it works.

Re: Sources for Vespa moped electrics??

sells new Scooter condensor, requiring mods

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The hole in the case is 18 mm. The part , which I bought and used is 20 mm in dia. I can find no sources of the 18 mm dia condensors.

The work around is to file the hole larger and slice the yellow wire to the magenta wire from the old condensor to make a long enough wire to connect to the wiring block.

see email I just sent and picture.

FYI Mike Cornell was very helpful and initially offered a refund and return.

I sent him back the refund and used the part, seen in the picture.

That part by the way is new aftermarket and sold by many sellors for Vespa 6 v scooters, on ebay for instance 12 - 15 dollars?

Mr. Cornell, fyi for future information, on the 544 , which actually appears to be the after market condensor for the 6 v old vespa SCOOTERS. , I easily expanded the hole in the case to accept the 20 mm dia., with a round file in 4 minutes. It does make some

Aluminium filings which must be removed. The screw hole even lines up, but the fit is snug enough not to need it.

There is no source of new 18 mm dia condensors I could find.

I will paypal you back the money since I will keep the item and let you know if it

Solves my spark issues. (edited)

condensor 002.JPG

Re: Sources for Vespa moped electrics??

see earlier post condenser from me is 18mm(.709")

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