No spark

So I finally have my 79 Express all back together but there is still no spark. I've read that when the key is turned and in run that the tail light should come on, but it only does when the brake is pulled. Is this a sign that something is wrong with the kill switch and therefore causing no spark? Might be the points. Who knows. Please help me! Thanks, Austin

Re: No spark

Unhook kill switch first.

Re: No spark

Ok so I'm still in a pickle. The coil is ground just fine and I checked the wire coming from the points and it too is ok, I can get occasional spark but nothing like the rapid fire I should be getting when the engine turns. So do I look at the points now? Or could the coil be bad? If I touch the coil positive cable to the battery positive then I get a nice blue spark no problem. But when connected to the points I only get occasional visual spark. Points right?

Re: No spark Update!

Update! So I adjusted the points and the first release of the starting coil and the plug flashed just like it should, then every time after that, nothing. Ugh it's so frustrating. Help me please!!!

Re: No spark

Did your points slip shut?(Like Steve said above,UNHOOK your kill switch and let it hang in mid-air or against plastic. Sounds like dirt in them or bad contact? Anything loose that touches the magnets of the magneto or coils inside can ruin spark also. don-ohio (:^)

Re: No spark

So the kill switch is disabled with the same issue. What did you mean by dirty connection? I sprayed all that I could with electrical cleaner and carb cleaner. I checked all the wires. Seems like somewhere there is a short or something. Any ideas? Thanks for all the help! Godbless

Re: No spark final update

Final Update. I sanded and reset my points again and now I get that beautiful spark I've been looking for. It'll even run a bit on carb cleaner. I'll work on the fuel tomorrow. Thanks for the tips and tricks.

Re: No spark

There you go,Austin! Cheers! don-ohio (:^)

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