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In addition to mopeds and some other stuff, I also have a boat and two motors for it, one I use for smaller lakes and one I use for bigger lakes. I was fishing this weekend and thinking about powering a moped with a two stroke outboard.

Here is my thought process: The ones that are small (6 hp and under) are small enough and light enough to be a possibility, especially without the transom, prop, cover and everything. 6 hp would probably be too much, but a 4 or less might work with reasonable structural help on a moped frame. They are also essentially one speed transmissions anyway, just like a moped.

Would it require a clutch and variator? I think most of the gear shifts in outboards is in the transom so if it was just a gear on the output connected to a chain, as soon as it was running, it'd be moving, unless you started it with the wheel off the ground, and dropping a spinning tire with no clutch might be a questionable start, even at idle.

Another thing I thought about was that most outboards are water cooled through the transom, which would be a problem. Maybe there are some air cooled outboards?

Has it been done? Aside from the impracticality and cost of it, does it seem accomplishable? What are your thoughts? (edited)

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They are water cooled, circulated by a mechanical pump as a part of the engine. If you could somehow fit the engine assuming it could be functionally separated from the lower end, you could do some machining and fit a go kart clutch to it. It would be a single speed but would be capable of pulling some very high gearing.

This is all a pipe dream though as they do go through a substantial amount of water flow as they put out a lot of heat.

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i have a 5hp yamaha outboard motor which is air cooled, if it would work on a moped was the first thing i thought off when i bought it

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Have you tried it?

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no, as i want to use it on my boat, and cant afford another one

What about a trolling motor?

I see. I had another thought. What about a trolling motor? I don't want to sacrifice my nice minn kota, but I would be willing to bet craigslist would have a functional old one for a reasonable price. Mounting a battery on a moped frame would be achievable, the question is if the troller would have enough power to do 30 mph easily and that battery life would last long enough for a decent ride. Thoughts?

Re: What about a trolling motor?

ive seen some newer trollers go faster than my 5hp motor, so the power should be in there. but i dont think the propulsion system is strong enough to move a moped

Re: What about a trolling motor?

Key factor here, water cooled by a lake gas or electric.

Re: What about a trolling motor?

An outboard typically has a water cooling system with am impeller, etc to bring the water in and blow it out to keep it cool. What is the water cooled system for an outboard? Just being submerged is the cooling system? Would being in the open air at 20 mph+ help with that?

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You just described the way it works, then asked how it works.

No, the engine has no cooling fins and being open air would not cool it any better.

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Brent Bublitz /

Snowblower motor. That is all.

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