Leaky Puch Carb Fix


The carb on my Maxi Sport MkII leaks every once in a while. I had the float needle replaced recently but it still leaks occasionally. I've seen the leak kit at 1977mopeds does anyone know if it works or have any other solutions?


Re: Leaky Puch Carb Fix

I had the same problem with my Maxi-Luxe. I cleaned the brass needle seat using a Q-tip with some automotive rubbing/polishing compound on it. Put the Q-tip in a drill and polish the seat until it's nice and shiney. Fixed the leak on my bike. (edited)

Re: Leaky Puch Carb Fix

I have a 79 puch. Pull the carb bowl off and while you're cleaning it....again, flip the carb upside down and see how the float hangs. If it is parallel to the carb body, perfect, if not pill the pin and bend the bracket ever so gently and try again. Be careful not to bend the tube the pin goes through. I did this about 9 times before it was right. When it's level check the primer button. No more leaky bing. Reassemble and rip.



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