I have been bitten by the moped bug, and love it, but I bought a Honda cm400 1980 at auction . The price was right, but it was a Shriner bike from new. it's been sitting for at least 20 years, and has 2500 miles, but it's rusted, etc. My plan was to part it out, but part of me wants to get it running. I know that I will have to give it the moped treatment, ultrasonic the carb, boil the tank, replace fluids, probably pb blaster in the spark plug holes, If I can get them out. any ideas? would you get it running, or part it from the start.? thanks

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That is not even remotely a moped. That isn't in some grey area between moped and motorcycle. It is a full blown, no question motorcycle. This question may have answers that relate to mopeds, but it is still in the wrong place. take it to OT.

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time thief, part it for mo - ped money!

as if you had to ask here.

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dale yann /
dey OP

The obvious answer. You are right. Thanks

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