Another CDI wiring ?

Hello Moped army,

I have a quick question for you Motobeacane aficionados. As stated by the subject line I am rewiring my AV50 moped. It ran before I decided to clean up the wiring/86 the factory kill switch and add a voltage regulator, through the process of re-negotiating the wiring on my moped I must have screwed something up. I used the wiring diagram provided by this sight, so I made my own to see if someone could figure out where I went wrong. Currently, the headlight and taillight are not hooked up and I would like to keep the kill switch as shown on my diagram. Thanks for your help.


Re: Another CDI wiring ?

Ttt little help guys

Re: Another CDI wiring ?


Re: Another CDI wiring ?

6v or 12 v?

Re: Another CDI wiring ?

what cdi are you using, the diagrams i saw dont show any cdi systems. is your kill switch closed? have you flipped the switch and tried to start it?

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Its a 12v system from treats listed here.

I flipped the switch and got rig of the switch but still no spark?

Any ideas?

Re: Another CDI wiring ?

scott middleton /

diagram looks ok. these CDI's are easily fried if not grounded properly. if the motor was turned over without the spark plug connected and grounded, you may have toasted it. (edited)

Re: Another CDI wiring ?

Yep ^^

Re: Another CDI wiring ?

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

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Re: Another CDI wiring ?

Get off this thread Crazy Wayne!

You need to put the back seat back in my little sisters Hyundai and stop hauling bags of concrete in her car.

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Re: Another CDI wiring ?

Well guys... thank you for all your help!!! I must say this forum is nothing but helpful with all the specific information and such. One wonders why you all aren't working on the international space station.

In all seriousness, for those of you who are wiring a 12v system use my diagram and remember to ground the engine. Enough said, problem solved.

As for crazy Wayne, You Sr. are a real gem. I'm certain life will bestow nothing but a positive future for you.

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