Stator key issue

Matthew Andrade /

Took my stator off and found my key on the crank to look like this is this normal this is my first moped so I wasn't sure but to meet it doesn't look right the key almost looks flush


Re: Stator key issue

looks great.

Re: Stator key issue

yea thats pretty normal. you dont ACTUALLY even need the thing, just helps make lining the timing up a billion times easier.

but ideally it holds no load so it can be pretty damned shallow.

Re: Stator key issue

the tip is pretty much what its holding onto. the arm, there the crankshaft arm, is tapered. its going down, like, a curved hill. the flywheel is straight. straight like, angles and stuff. that makes a square for it to hold onto. thats why its a moon. the other is a hill. stick them on to each other, you got a box. a square.

yea and thats about right, its so the flywheel can just stick over top of it. its gotta grab. onto something. as long as its not wobbling. (edited)

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