Maxi has trouble starting when hot

Alex Kirkpatrick /

Hey guys my Maxi has been running pretty well for the last week, but it has gotten increasingly harder to start while the engine is hot. When its cold it fires right up. Last night it actually wouldn't start when hot. On my last plug chop the insulator/electrode of the plug was dark brown but there was also some wet oil on it. My plan is to down jet 2 sizes (from a 64 to a 62 with a stock engine, milled head, new pipe, bored carb to 14.5mm, and high flow air filter). Any other ideas what could cause this? Or what the mechanism is for it not wanting to start when its hot?

Re: Maxi has trouble starting when hot

you may have a bad condenser. when your bike heats up does it turn itself off? if so thats your problem.

Condenser power loss

Alex Kirkpatrick /

The bike has never died on me, but it did lose power during one ride, which I contributed to my clutch slipping. Would the condenser cause a loss of power like this?

Re: Maxi has trouble starting when hot

Overpriced Parts /

Your rich when hot. Bored carb is the problem because 222 atomizer is for 14mm bing and 217 atomizer if for 15mm bing.

Try a 220 atomizer

Bing jets are even sized no odd

Sounds like you need a 63 jet .

Get a real 14 mm bing .


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