kitted motobecane not revving out

Thanks to the help of a bunch of guys on this forum, I cleared up the problems I had in getting my 50v started after I installed a 70cc airsal kit, phbg 21, and doppler pipe. It has no leaks, the timing is on, and it starts every time with ease. The carb has an 86 main jet, a 42 idle jet, and a velocity stack instead of an air filter. It originally came with a 100 main and a 50 idle. With its original setup, it would rev up to maybe 2k; I put in a 96, and it would rev a little higher. I then switched to a 90 and now an 86, and every switch brought higher revs, but it still only revs out to about 4k-4500.

It is more responsive with every downjet, and when going downhill, it seems to "get over the hump" into higher revs, and will maintain those high revs when I hit the flat after the hill ends, until I let off the throttle. The carb spits a slight bit of unburnt fuel from the velocity stack while it runs. I am afraid to downjet it further, as I don't want to lean it out, but for it to be spitting fuel out the carb like that it must be rich still, right? Will continuing to downjet allow me to get the revs up to where they should be, or is something else the problem? Thanks

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