Newbie needs help with yamaha towny

So after years of envy my wife finally let me get my hands on a moped.

1982 Yamaha towny... but it doesn't run... and I know close to nothing about a two stroke engine...

previous owner said it was running 1 1/2 yr ago. Took it to someone and got it cleaned out, new spark plug... the works... then let it sit

It has good spark and I cleaned out the carb... but its still a no go

I occasionally get it started on choke and when I take it off it goes dead...

I play around with the 2 screw on the carb (sorry I don't know their name) to get it sounding good but still a no go...

Other issues I noticed

-Huge hole in the exhaust

-air filter doesn't sit on the carb right

-Oil pump look beat to hell

I have it stored at my summer place and plan on working on it next week

I bought a new exhaust, air filter, and battery and their in route

I really want to unlock the secrets of moped greatness so before I abandon all hope and pay for someone to take a look at it are there any suggestions...

Ive already taken a look at fred's guide... helped a lot

I feel like its something small that im missing...

Re: Newbie needs help with yamaha towny

stock pipe? they tend to get clogged and prevent the moped from running. where did you get a new pipe?

they are much harder to start without all the airbox parts. i think i have em all and could send ya those for cheap.

are all the switches wired up? missing any plastic covers? takes pics/video and post them here. all the ignition parts are up in the frame under the seat (above the rear tire). hopefully there's nothing missing.

i think the slide screw (idle speed) is the bigger screw.

the smaller one is the idle mix. send a pic n i'll label them.

Re: Newbie needs help with yamaha towny

When you say cleaned out the carb did you take it apart or just spray it? Did you clean out gas tank with fresh clean gas? Don't trust a bad looking pump premix gas. Change gas filter? 2 strokes are not that hard to get to run but they have to be right. Points, condensed OK? Timing? That's most everything there is . This is the place to ask. Read the wiki pages they will answer a lot if you want a place to start.

Re: Newbie needs help with yamaha towny

Julie the Wizard /

If there's a big hole in the exhaust it will -not- work. 2-strokes depend on the exhaust backflow to operate as part of their combustion cycle.

Ditch the oil pump, premix.

Re: Newbie needs help with yamaha towny

Yamaha oil injector is great with the stock pipe.anything else, ditch it. Clean the gastank and remove the gas level float thinger.

Re: Newbie needs help with yamaha towny

gently push #4 out of the bottom of the carb after removing the main jet. Also be sure that you can see through the pilot jet hole. Tank rust fuel shutt off ??

4 (edited)

mj50 carb.gif

Re: Newbie needs help with yamaha towny

Yowny has a plastic tank. But the fuel level's float will disintegrate into little chunks that will clog up everthing.

Re: Newbie needs help with yamaha towny


Unscrew #4

Push out #5 and clean.

#4= main jet

#6= pilot jet

#22= idle screw (2 1/2 - 3 ) turn to start I think

#28= air/fuel mix screw (1 1/4 - 1 1/2) turns out

NO point, condenser or timing it is CDI

PICS would be helpful.

Does the carb get gas from the tank? (edited)

Re: Newbie needs help with yamaha towny

Wow, thanks for all the info guys...

I actually got the thing running after I cleaned out the carb and petcock by letting it sit overnight in gumout...

also cleanout the gas tank....

unfortunately I ran into another problem....

damn throttle is engaged some how

im guessing its something I did when I put the carb back together...

posted here about it,3697490

Thanks everyone for your help

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