tomos would not start back up!

Hi all

Today I had to stop at the store (not even a half mile ride) and when I came out of the store, about two minutes later, the moped would not start back up.. not even with choke.. I pedaled it across the parking lot and continued to try and start it with no luck. Finally I gave it full throttle and kicked it over and gunned it all the way home. Once I got home I waited five minutes (apx how long I was in the store) and started it again. No issues, started right up with half a kick, and I nice idle.. I don't get it.. couple hours later I started it again and no problems at all. I assume this isn't a issue since this is a one time thing..

Re: tomos would not start back up!

Carb probably flooded on you. Then choking it made it worse.The pedaling around cleared the float bowl enough that when you hit the throttle it caught.

Make sure your gas cap is venting,just in case it didn't flood,and keep a good inline filter on it. don-ohio (:^)

Re: tomos would not start back up!

Okay thank you! I will make sure to check before I ride..

Re: tomos would not start back up!

check for a leaking petcock, leaking float needle, and possibly just replace the spark plug.

i'm not going to say exactly how many times i've tried to start peds with the switch set to off.

Re: tomos would not start back up!

My moped won't start, either.

I have a 2001 Tomos ST A35. It's been in storage for the last 2 years and I just took it out last week. I've been crankin' the engine for several minutes, and adjusting the choke, but nothing is working. The engine sputters a little, but it doesn't even sound like it's close to catching on... My bro says the battery just needs to be "trickle charged", but I'm not sure he really knows what he's talking about (he's never owned a moped).

Any suggestions on what might be wrong with my moped (and possible fixes) would be greatly appreciated.



Re: tomos would not start back up!

Your moped doesn't have a battery, or an electric start so that's not the issue. I'd guess it's probably a fuel system issue. If the gas is old, drain it and fill it with new gas. Make sure the fuel flow to the carb is good, and clean the carburetor out. Make sure to clean the filter on the inlet.

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