Peugeot Model Identification

I now own my second Peugeot Moped. Another member had ID'd it from photos as a model bb ct circa 1964. Are there Identification marks somewhere to verify the model and year of manufacture? I did locate the VIN # on the frame at the back axle left hand side. A seven digit number. I also notice there is a metal tag on the cylinder head, but is difficult to read as much is behind a cooling fin. The bike is 99.9% complete with the only thing I can see is missing is the headlamp. Suggestions on where to locate this would also be very much appreciated.

My first moped was also a well used Peugeot which I owned while stationed in Germany from 1972 through 1975. Never did know much about it except that it was very reliable and took me everywhere (within a certain radius of home base of course) I wanted to go. Really wish I had it shipped home at time of ETS.

Re: Peugeot Model Identification

start here

not many good photos here

my '65, with rigid forks, is a bb-c, for example

Re: Peugeot Model Identification

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