Nc50 rear brake not starting bike! Help please

Hi all I have a 1978 honda nc50 which will wind up on the starter peddle but then when I bull rear brake to fire it up it does nothing and stays fully wound! The rear brake works fine by the way it jus does not fire the bike up. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated as my knowledge is not very good with these. Thanks

Re: Nc50 rear brake not starting bike! Help please

You've already been told in another thread to tear into the bike and figure it out. There is no magical solution to anything moped related that doesn't require putting some effort into it and getting your hands dirty. So get busy and do some hands on learning by turning a wrench.

Re: Nc50 rear brake not starting bike! Help please

Don't know what you have been reading mate but my other post had no mention about the rear brake starter it was me asking if the starter peddle not moving would mean the bike was seized. And thanks to tidy advise and a day off today I got to the bottom of that (and got my hands dirty by the way) as I said in my post my knowledge is not good on these so makes sense to ask for advise or see if anyone has experienced it before or any good pointers for me rather than me just ripping things apart and possibly causing more damage or braking something else! So any tidy advise is welcome as it has helped me get to the bottom of the other problem!

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