So since no one cares I came here from the motorized bicycle world. That was until law changed here, putting them into even more of a grey area.

At the time I had blown through a china kit on a $100 bike, 5000km and the needle bearing exploded.

With the general lack of quality on the china engines I thought I would go the morini route some others had done, but a little toned down. I didn't need a wheelie machine to get to work. So I picked up a S6E, was $500 ish, + shipping and more ups fees down the road.

Got everything built on a decent Giant frame with a dremel, drill and a hammer and a wrench. rode for a good year or so until I found out about the law changes.

A few people got hit and hurt bad on china bikes in the city, so I figured it would be best to legal up.

So I put the Morini away, missed it and got into mopeds.

It was a really nice engine and it deserves to be used, and I dont want it sit on a shelf for the rest of it's life. So it's going on a Tomos. I trashed another main gear on one of my tomos engines and this seems like a fun way of solving the problem while I find a cheap replacement.

The pipe is a cali flat port puch pipe made for tomos.

Put on a couple tabs for the top mount that I'll probably box in

I've got a little work to make some brackets for the rear mounts and likely some gearing to do, but it's going easier than expected.

Probably more at some point as I continue on.

Re: Morinimoseses

Overpriced Parts /

Don't think you'll pull that tiny rear gear

Re: Morinimoseses

trying to be constructive, what is the chain to swingarm pivot clearance when the shocks compress?

Re: Morinimoseses

Haha, sorry didn't add anything about the gearing

I had it setup with a 10/54 on 26's , somewhere in the 30-35mph area I'd guess from memory.

The 22 is a long shot , I have other sprockets :)

These things pull hard though, I'll probably try a Tomos 28 and see how it pulls. The 22 was just what I had on the tire while I was mucking about.

Re: Morinimoseses

The cooling might be a bit compromised with the angle of the engine. The head blocks air flow to the cylinder somewhat. I also wonder about the oil in the engine at that angle.

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