1980 nc50 electrical setup

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I'm trying to figure out why the headlamp in my nc50 keeps dying when I accelerate. I do not have taillights, turn signals, etc etc..... I was told that the battery acts as its own regulator, but this has me questioning why im having the headlamp problem.

I find it hard to believe that I need turn signals, tail lights, and everything hooked up to get the head lamp going. I feel like less of a load should help it out. Again Im more tyring to figure out why accelerating burns out the bulb, Im told there is no regulator in the nc50

Re: 1980 nc50 electrical setup

With my 1980 if even one bulb is lose it screws up the power going to everything else. I keep extra bulbs on hand just in case.

Re: 1980 nc50 electrical setup

What you are told about the battery is correct. Do you have the right battery and fuse in your scoot and is it correctly hooked up? Then check to make sure you don't have a ground issue.

I had to pull my wiring harness and check everything to the wiring diagram in the manual.

One last point: test wiring with cheap bulbs.

Re: 1980 nc50 electrical setup

No regulator is WHY you burn bulbs. The stator is allowed to overrun the headlight without the proper amount of load bringing the voltage down to the correct level.

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