Tomos Arrow Disc Brake

Anyone know where I can buy brake pads for a Tomos Arrow front disc brake? Also, any tips or advice when servicing these disc brakes? I watched a bunch of videos on disc brake systems and they all seem pretty similar. Didn't see anything in the wiki about it so I figured it must be pretty straight forward. I was just going to clean em, fill/bleed, and change the pads if i can find em.

Forgot to mention Treats did have them at one point (edited)

Re: Tomos Arrow Disc Brake

Treats said they will get them in but it will be a few weeks to a month. If anyone knows another source I would appreciate it.

Re: Tomos Arrow Disc Brake

I know there are a few tomos dealers that do business online, I imagine one of them probably has the pads in stock.

Re: Tomos Arrow Disc Brake

Still haven't found a place to get the pads. Anyone have an idea?

Re: Tomos Arrow Disc Brake

Emailed a bunch of online shops with Tomos stuff and I finally got a positive response from I have heard the name mentioned on the forums but I can't remember if it was good or bad experiences. I think I will give them a try since it's my only option and I would love to ride this bike asap. said, "We have standard original equipment pads for $19.99 or a higher quality performance brake pads for $29.99"

I am guessing the standard pads are fine but I thought I would check and see what you guys think. Is it worth it to get the "higher quality performance pads" for $10 more? I never had a problem with the stock ones but will the higher quality supposedly last longer? Anyone had experience with these or heeters?

Re: Tomos Arrow Disc Brake

When I see something I want it and don't get it usually when I go back its gone. Buy the $30 pads and get an extra set or 2. I keep as many spares as I can. These are antiques I am dealing with out of production for over 30 years on some, at least you found some.

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