Tomos A3 stator issues

Anybody recommend this, or what?

If you have one in working good condition hit me up. I need it all. points condenser etc... After fucking with this one and rewiring it all I give up and am going to buy a whole new one. Fucking electric shit (edited)

Re: Tomos A3 stator issues

I have a new coil, plug, cap, etc... Wired black straight to coil, blue to ground. NO FUCKING SPARK - Adjusted points and re soldered condenser. I fucking give up and am buying it all new

Re: Tomos A3 stator issues

plz halp

Re: Tomos A3 stator issues

did you put a new condencer in ? ........ if not replace it

Re: Tomos A3 stator issues

sure did - no luck!

Re: Tomos A3 stator issues

♣Slew Foot♣ /

check your pointset i bet the foot is wornout or the post isolator is cracked wire stripped that runs under maybe.

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