Horn works but doesn't

Horn works at idle...doesn't work at higher rpm.

Anyone bump into this problem before?(6v motomarina)

Re: Horn works but doesn't

Horn or horn button is probably bad. They're notorious for horn and horn button problems. don-ohio (:^) (edited)

Re: Horn works but doesn't

Checked it out....loose connection....fixed it....horn gets higher in pitch to match rpm and then doesn't work at the top(which is actually the mid range)

Re: Horn works but doesn't

Flinix Scarlet /

My A3 Tomos does a very similar thing. The horn is beautiful from idle to 5k rpm (guesstimation), but anything much higher, basically full speed (95% of riding time), the horn is null. Wire jiggle doesn't change anything. Would like to know if anyone else has a simple fix or troubleshooting for the horn pat itself.

Re: Horn works but doesn't

Brent Bublitz /

Just got me a new horn....



Re: Horn works but doesn't

I've got a voltage regulator lying around....I'll put it on there and see if that helps

Re: Horn works but doesn't

I think there are 2 types of horns on mopeds. AC and DC horns, which are very different in operation. The AC horn, used on mopeds that connect to AC direct from the magneto, is nothing more than a buzzer. The frequency of the horn is based on the frequency of the magneto pulses. I think at high rpms the horn can't buzz as fast as the magneto pulses, that and the engine drowns it out. Hold down your horn button and slowly bring up the rpms, the AC horn should change tone with the rpm change.

If you have a regulator/rectifier in the horn circuit, or it is run from a battery, a DC horn must be used.

Some horns, Italian I think, have an identifier stamped on them, AC horns have "CA" stamped on them and DC have "CC". To tell what type of horn you have, hook it up to a battery of the correct voltage, the AC horn will make 1 click, but a DC horn will continue to sound.

Toot Away...

Re: Horn works but doesn't

Great info!....you are right about the horn...I started the bike,held the button and revved it up....horn matched rpm in pitch and then faded away.

Just gonna get a new horn.... :)......there cheap enough

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