Za50 dies after WOT speed run.

Antman Sandersan /

All is good at first then after about a 5min wot speed run, it just dies. Won't restart until it cools down.


Treats 50cc kit

12mm bing

72 jet (I know, that's kinda big for a 50cc, but same thin happens at 60-64)

Circuit pipe.

Times at 1.5mm btdc

Is this a condenser issue? I'm guessing it gets hot or the higher rpms freak it out?

Doesn't seem to be starved of fuel.

Re: Za50 dies after WOT speed run.

Probably Fred /

Ya your overheating and possible top end damage it at 19° before top dead center 1.5=19°Btdc

Time @.8°or 14° before top dead center to start and if you run cool below 400°F on your head temp gauge then you could add more timing but I doubt you run cool enough ever at 19° before top dead center or 1.5 mm.

This regard the Za50 timing on chart and time the same as a e50 that timing is for stock cylinders not kits. I don't know why a za50 is listed with higher timing anyway. Mine run fine even a little below 14° on the flywheel.

Just another wrong puch thing in wiki like hardwiring, running .05mm za50 shims, full advance timing, using a piston stop, no mention of magnum ll having spoke wheels saying only #4 cylinder is a 1 hp restricted when every number cylinder including a hi torque can have a restrictor in it amongst other erroneous information I guess.

72 jet is fine if 222 atomizer even for a 12mm bing.

Make sure you have perfect gas flow. Don't run without a temp gauge unless you like buying new kits

Re: Za50 dies after WOT speed run.

Antman Sandersan /

Damn, that chart is so misleading.

Adjusted the timing to 14deg. A little more sluggish off the line, but picks up soon after.

Put a temp gauge on, hottest it got was 340.

Lots of stop and go traffic right now, but got it to wot on a short run then stalled at stop sign. Started up again, maybe 3min later. Retard more?

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