Tomos Rear Break Sticking

My rear break sticks on my tomos when I use it, but unsticks when you roll it forwards or backwards a foot or so, it like, stays engaged and what not. What exactly am I supposed to do? I've head many things... I have the rear wheel/break hub off now for cleaning and maintinance, so I figure'd I'd ask. It's a 91 Golden Bullet top tank with an A35, but the stock GB 5Stars that go outwards, almost looks like an hourglass, if that matters.

Re: Tomos Rear Break Sticking

Nevermind, I got it to unstick. Jacked my bike up with my engine lift and took the chain off, took the tire off, kept my break hub still attached to my break line (frayed at the end, didn't want to mess with it). Steel wooled the hub, sanded down a tiny bit of the break pad that was a little glazed (220 grit) used a tooth brush and scrubbed deep inside the rim wells to get all the caked on dust out, put some waste oil on the moving break parts (be careful not to get any on the break pads or break hub) and put it all back together. Works perfect now.

Re: Tomos Rear Break Sticking

Brent Bublitz /

BRAKE.. its brake. Break is snapping a thing in half. Brake is the thingies in your wheel.

Re: Tomos Rear Break Sticking

Thanks, I needed my nose rubbed in my own pee.

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