Broken Throttle Slide on Carb

Alright. So I was troubleshooting my Chappy today. I have been using a microfiber cloth between the air filter and carb to restrict air flow. Without this cloth the bike would sometimes start but immediately die out.

I ran around town a few times with this setup but I decided to just fix the problem now instead of ruining the moped. Great idea on my part.

I removed the cloth and it was drenched in 2-Stroke oil. I could ring that shit out of it.

Also, I replaced all the gaskets on the carb and intake and made sure there were no air leaks.

I noticed that there is a chip on the bottom of the throttle slider facing the engine. Could this be causing all of my starting and running problems? It's a 19mm Mikuni carb from the 70's btw.

Re: Broken Throttle Slide on Carb

lean! good call checking for airleaks, maybe needs upjet, maybe just dirty.

as for soaking the cloth it's pretty normal to have some blowback on a 2 stroke.

what sort of chip is this chip. I imagine it could be a problem, but maybe would just make idle erratic

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