VM20 Float Height

Hi all,

Tried searching the forums and google but cant find a straight answer.

I'm trying to adjust the float height on my VM20. It's spitting some gas out of the overflow at high RPMs. When I take the bowl off and hold the carb upside down, the float is not parallel with the carb so I assume it needs to be adjusted.

Do I just loosen the brass fitting that the float needle sits in? I tried that and it does level out the float, but the gasket on that brass fitting is no longer seated and I would imagine gas could get inside or behind that passage.

Any input greatly appreciated.


Re: VM20 Float Height

To adjust float height you bend the tab on the float that depresses the float needle. The height should be parallel or 10mm (I believe) which would be the same or close to it. Keep in mind this WILL affect your jetting.

Re: VM20 Float Height

Thanks Ryan - the float on this thing is plastic though. So can't really bend it. Or can I?

Re: VM20 Float Height

That's the only way.

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