Brake light switch

Has anyone added a brake light switch like this to there maxi? I have aftermarket levers that don't have the switch and I don't really want a running brake light, or does anyone have any other ideas on how I could do it?


Re: Brake light switch

Get the switch that matches your levers or is meant to work on your levers. This literally has zero to do with a maxi, a moped or anything other than brake light that is actuated by a switch, which all bikes are. If the switch fits in your levers, wire it in and have a nice day. This is not custom fabrication but simply a button, that is pressed or released by a lever, that allows electricity to flow to a light bulb.

Re: Brake light switch

Brent Bublitz /

That switch appears to be for a motorcycle with a rear brake activated by a foot pedal or some similar setup.

Get the right levers or the proper switches for the levers you have. You are going to have a very hard time otherwise and it will most likely look like shit.

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