Help wiring bullet headlight onto 2011 Tomos..

Jeb Zinewicz /

I can't get this thing on right for the life of me. I've done a good amount of work on mopeds but I still don't know jack about electrical.

It seems my main electrical harness is simply too short and the headlight plugs don't want to extend far enough for the bullet headlight, they will connect but it's extremely tight and I'm a bit nervous about turning the wheel and yanking the wires out. Is there a way to extend the wires so there is at least some slack?

Also, I've read the diagram that shows blue and brown going to the beam and white going to ground? Is that correct? The black built in ground wire in the bullet has the wrong style connector to connect the white wire, is changing the connectors easy enough?


Re: Help wiring bullet headlight onto 2011 Tomos..

Jeb Zinewicz /

Ok, so after doing a little research it looks like I can splice the headlight wires using a butt connector? That should give me the slack I need to run the bullet headlight.

Also, I've eliminated the speedo lights and turn signal lights which make up a bulk of the harness, is there a easy way to eliminate those wires and maybe shrink wrap a new harness to clean everything up? Should I just cut them back and tape them up or is there a way to completely eliminate them?

Thanks again.

Re: Help wiring bullet headlight onto 2011 Tomos..

Brent Bublitz /

Get rid of the extra mounting tabs and bolt it right on the ears. Should give you an extra inch or two.

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