Cable install issues

I have a 1980 maxi with an e50

I'm having issues installing the throttle cable and clutch cable. I have lusito levers and throttle setup and I bought the cable party pack from treatland. They told me it should work with the levers and throttle so I'm guessing I'm just doing it incorrectly. I install the clutch cable and when I press the lever, the clutch doesn't move, it feels like it loosens up the cable but it doesn't. I have the correct size knarps too. For the throttle cable, it seams like there isn't enough inner wire

Re: Cable install issues

throttle, trim the outer sleeve, be sure to reinstall the metal cap on the end of the outer.

just make damn sure you have ample slack turning the bars after, or replace the cable, no exceptions.

routing and adjustment of the clutch cable sounds like the issue.

no easy way to explain that.

Re: Cable install issues

Thanks! I appreciate it a ton!

Re: Cable install issues

When installing cables I like to turn the front end alllll the way to the left or right (opposite the controls you're installing) then route the cable making sure it doesn't snag anywhere along the way. Then cut where needed.

Re: Cable install issues

Thanks! That tip is very useful!

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