Tomos A3 Case leaking tranny fluid after rebuild

I split the case and rebuilt my A3: bearings, seals, GASKETS. But it's leaking tranny fluid right out the bottom on the case seam. In futility I tried putting some gasgacinch on the seam on the outside but it only slowed the leak a little. The case bolts are nice and tight.

I'm thinking I may have to split the case again, put gasket sealer everywhere, then seal it up again. Are there any easier options? Maybe heat cycle it with no tranny fluid?


Re: Tomos A3 Case leaking tranny fluid after rebuild

Re: Tomos A3 Case leaking tranny fluid after rebuild

gasgacinch, never seen that before.

i don't think any external diaper gasketing will resolve your leak.

more to the point, if you replaced that gasket, there's another reason it's leaking.

hindsight is over aggressive scraping with a steel tool gouging the sealing surface.

paper gasket can't compensate for the gap.

most form in place gaskets need a clean, dry, oil free surface to bond to.

brake-clean the case, slather mud over the leak, but ultimately you should split the case and redo it.

only suggesting the external fix because of needing to order replacement gaskets, etc.

as per the tomos black wheel issue, overfilling will prolong the refill intervals.

severity of the leak vs ocd vs time and expense of the proper fix.

afterthought, make sure the case vent is clear.

Re: Tomos A3 Case leaking tranny fluid after rebuild

Thanks for the info Glenn

I removed a bunch of the gasket with a steel knife before I realized that it was a bad idea so I've probably messed the surface.

I put a thin seam of jbweld on the leaky area today so I'll see if that fixes it. I can carefully grind it away if I even split the case again.

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