Maxi Wiring Question

Cosden Leahey /

I'm trying to hardwire in my headlight to be always running. At the moment, I've deleted the entire switch and removed the horn (keeping the ground of course). Any tips? Yes I've seen the diagrams on the wiki.

Re: Maxi Wiring Question

Luke “Funkenet” Hosfield /

If you've seen the diagrams I don't get why you have a question. Its just yellow to the headlight, from the headlight to ground. Easy peezy parcheezy.

Re: Maxi Wiring Question


fuck that who rides a moped and docent want a horn? get a cdi and a owooga! horn from harbor freight. then yer in like flint. oh yah and hardwire headlights are awesome! bee seen, bee heard! or be hurtedarated.

Re: Maxi Wiring Question

Run the yellow wire from the stator to the headlight and then just have it grounded as you do and delete the wires that connect to the switch (I think it's the black and yellow wire) just did this to my maxi excepts I added a toggle switch to turn it on and off whenever I need to

Re: Maxi Wiring Question

i approve of this mod.

but you'll have to admit, the sick duck horn sure adds to the hyuk factor.

holding the horn and reving the motor is identical to the french police siren.

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