I need help getting '95 Targa running


I got an old targa from craigslist for $600. It was running pretty good when I got it and I took it for two long rides just to get a feel for it but now it won't start up. It almost starts, it starts popping like its going to run but won't stay on.

I'm planned on tearing it apart and getting parts for it anyways. I need help figuring out which parts to get.

It has the stock A35 engine and transmission. Some kind of inline dellorto intake manifold with a plugged oil injector. It has a SHA 1412 carb. No air filter, except for the metal grate on the carb, which is probably why it won't start up right now (I wonder if this did any damage to the internals). I was going to clean the carb out and see if that helped. The electrical system is pretty shoddy right now too, lots of black electrical tape and dirty electrical connectors and loose looking connections.

So, I planned on redoing the electrical, and replacing the air intake manifold with something like this a35 intake manifold and getting an air filter.

Is this the right direction to take? If I get a different air intake manifold will the rest of the system get thrown off? Do you think the engine may already be damaged?

Re: I need help getting '95 Targa running

Probably Fred /

Did you use premix 50 to 1 gas oil mix

Re: I need help getting '95 Targa running

John Reese /

Hi Ken,

Yes. I used regular gas does that matter? should I be using super? I premixed 1.01 gal in a 1.25 gal tank with motul 2 stroke oil and a measuring cup for 50:1 gas:oil mix.

Re: I need help getting '95 Targa running

If it was running good then suddenly went to "trying to run, but can't quite" maybe some old crud in the carb or the tank or fuel lines migrated to the jets.

Could be that the idle mixture screw is not optimally set.

Or an air leak has started, maybe where the carb mounts, or at the gasket where the intake meets the cylinder, or the cylinder base. If you could get it running in some fashion, you could test those places by spraying some carb cleaner on those areas and noticing any changes in how it runs.

Or, more difficult, it could be leaking seals on the crankshaft.

Or it could be low compression. You should be able to get to 120 psi. Normal new would be about 140 psi.

Weakness can also be due to a plugged exhaust, but that comes on more gradually. (edited)

Re: I need help getting '95 Targa running

John Reese /

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the help.

I have a hunch that its the lack of an air filter, other than a metal mesh like this except with one layer of mesh instead of multiple like in that picture. There isn't a cover on top of that.

My plan is to try cleaning the carb and see if that helps get it running again. Any suggestions for carb cleaner? I don't have an air compressor. I've watched a few videos on how to do it w/ carb cleaner and just blowing through the jet.

If it does turn out to be the carb, is it safe to say I should do something about the air filter? There's barely any clearance behind the carb for one unless its something like this one.

Re: I need help getting '95 Targa running

John Reese /

Hi all,

figured it out! Gas tank is quite rusty and when I drained the tank it came out apple juice colored. Gas I put in was clearish blueish from the gas oil mix.

put a funnel on the gas intake instead of from the tank and it started right up. I'm going to let some gas sit in the tank and try it again to see if it really is the tank preventing it from starting up and staying on.

that brings me to questions about cleaning a rusty gas tank. Has anyone had any luck with vinegar?

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I've had good luck with vinegar and evaporust. Both work well. Also make sure to check your plug boot and that it is making good contact with the plug wire. I have a 95 targa and when I first got it the plug wire was corroded causing it to stall and not start. It still had spark but just was too weak for it to start. Check that because I had problems with my plug wire for a while. And I saw your pictures of the gas tank and I have to say that really doesn't look too bad. I've seen much worse tanks running fine with rusty colored gas. It could be a problem but I doubt that it the main problem.

Re: I need help getting '95 Targa running

John Reese /

Thanks Sam,

I got a new spark plug for it when trouble shooting and haven't had any trouble getting a spark. The spark cable and the plug boot look almost new, in fact they look like they're the newest part on this bike. When I got it, the spark plug in there was a champion with a spark gap at less than .01", I put in the right NGK plug at just under .03" gap and its running fine now.

I got it running by putting fresh gas in after draining the tank.

I'm going to paint it this weekend and then I'm going to try out Evaporust . I already got a gallon of Evaporust but I figure it'll be easier to paint with an empty tank.

I'll be weary of the issues with the spark boot.

Did you upgrade any parts on your Targa? I've been considering a new exhaust cause the one I have is a crummy looking custom exhaust, with shitty welding, a lawn mower muffler, and rust.

Thanks again!

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