streetmate is running like crap.

Winston Tiberius Moped /

When it reaches 15 miles an hour, and it shifts into second gear. A few times now I've had a loud, shaking, rattling sound. If I lay off the gasfor a bit, the rattling stops. What's causing

It may have too much oil in it. It's stalling constantly, and there's a bit of a burning smell.

I just put a new stock muffler on it.

Any ideas?

Re: streetmate is running like crap.

♣Slew Foot♣ /

alright firstly, how many miles on it?

second, overfilled with what?

that clankin between gears is kinda a common problem, it depends on the engine A35 or A55, if its a A35 it maybe the ? second speed return spring being munched. an A55 impropper shimming of the gearset, both can be the result of worn torn away shoepadss or a caseside bearing being out of round. the burning smell i hate to say may be a crank seal leak if the clutch is clattering it may have loosened it up or the caseside bearing being out of round could've.

repair any gear/shoe/clutch problems. run atf 1/4 and 3/4 marvel mystery oil for some amount of time it may swell the seal, if it isn't too far gone.

result of ignoring on an a35 gearset.

i would refill with 60w gear oil. about 7 oz's is capacity. will run on 4 1/2 well. fill till it comes out the inspection port. check the oil line if you don't premix.


Re: streetmate is running like crap.

Probably Fred /

Not jetted/tuned correctly

You may have been jetted for a performance/ different pipe.

Are you running full stock airbox, carb and stock jet?

Stock cylinder or kit?

Re: streetmate is running like crap.

Winston Tiberius Moped /

It's a stock 2005 Streetmate with 1750 miles on it. It ran perfectly for two weeks, and I put 550 miles on it myself. Then, it slowed down and stopped all together. Before figuring out that the muffler was the problem, I changed the gas filter, spark plug, transmission fluid, checked the jets, and cleaned the air filter with water and dish soap. The gas cap no longer has an o-ring and just sits loose. All of that didn't seem to be the problem. I pulled off the muffler and it started up and moved just fine. I tried setting the muffler in a camp fire to clean it out. I had drained the oil tank when I was figuring out what was wrong with the moped, so I premixed about a quarter of a gallon to give the oil pump time to start circulating oil again. I put the muffler back on, and it ran for 20 minutes, then stopped moving. I walked it over to a gas station. I figured then that I had wasted my time trying to clean out the gunked up muffler, and I just needed a new one. The oil lines looked like they were circulating oil again, so I topped off the gas tank to try to dilute the oil I had mixed and poured in there. I pulled the muffler off, put it in my backpack and rode it the 20 minutes back to my house. It was loud, but ran fine. I bought and installed a new stock muffler and exhaust gasket. It's now stalling constantly. It'll go for awhile if I ride it with the choke switched up, but stalls. On the 20 minute ride to work yesterday, it stalled about seven times.

I don't know if it now has too much oil in it, with what I had in the tank? I've been moving the knob around on the carb to see if that changes anything. I think I smell something like hot oil. It's hard to say.

The strangeness in the shifting gears when it reaches about 15 miles an hour, is just more apparent now, I think, than when I was riding it for those first two weeks, which seems now like a long time ago.

Any suggestions would be welcomed... Thanks

Re: streetmate is running like crap.

Winston Tiberius Moped /

I believe it has the a55 engine

Re: streetmate is running like crap.

Just to eliminate the obvious, you have tried starting with the choke up and flipping it back down once it's warmed up, right?

The knob on the carb you are fiddling with is the idle speed adjustment. All it does is prop the throttle open more as you screw it in.

If it's stock and only runs with the choke up all the time, you must have an air leak somewhere, or crankshaft leak sadness. To check for air leaks, get a can of carb cleaner and, with the engine running, spray the seals between airbox and snorkel and carburetor and intake and cylinder and case. If the idle changes or dies when you spray a specific spot, that's where your leak is. Age and ethanol may have eaten one of your gaskets or some rubber, as it has clearly done to your gas cap. If there are no air leaks.. Could be the crankshaft seal. I don't know how to check that. aside from slew foot's suggestion of putting heavy oil in your transmission.

You could also have work clutch pads, you'll need to remove your clutch cover to check that.

Re: streetmate is running like crap.

Winston Tiberius Moped /

Thank for the advice! I'll check for an air leak, and change out the transmission fluid. Thanks again.

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