1980 Rizzato Califfo parts?

I was just curious if anyone knows of a place where I can get parts and kits for my 1980 rizzato califfo? I just bought it and I am having a hard time finding any place that sells parts for it. Any help or advice would be really appricated.


Re: 1980 Rizzato Califfo parts?

Brent Bublitz /

Many moped parts are interchangeable or generic, depends on what parts you need. If you can be more specific about what you want we can help.

Re: 1980 Rizzato Califfo parts?

You may want to post a list of your needs in the Buy/Sell Forum. This forum is for repair related threads.

Re: 1980 Rizzato Califfo parts?

Gabriel Hays /

I need to replace my exhaust pipe and all my shock struts because they were rusted when I bought it. I'd also like to get a bigger carb for it and a bigger kit to make it faster. It's also hesitates when it gets closer to 22mph. It acts like it wants to go faster but then it backs down to about twenty. I'm Away from home right now so I haven't been able to trouble shoot it completely.

Re: 1980 Rizzato Califfo parts?

Brent Bublitz /


First, there are no kits for that beautiful egg motor you have. None. Seriously, none. I have two of them right now myself. Some people can hack some Puch or other kits on there or do some port work on the stock cylinder, but that is serious high end mod work. Lots of grinding and fitting. Please don't until you learn a LOT more about mopeds. Those stock cylinders are very hard to find and wrecking one is something of a crime.

The best you are going to do is to add a pipe and do some tuning work on the carb. You should be well into the mid 30's speed wise after that. My stock+pipe bike rips pretty hard

Check out treatland.tv.


you should be able to make that work on your stock pipe.

Your Califfo came stock with an SHA carb, most likely a 14.12. These are easy to tune by getting a set of jets. When you add a better exhaust, you will need to up jet the carb slightly. Buy a range of jets in the upper 50's-low 60's. If your carb is smaller than 14.12, you can get a used one off the buy sell forums for around $25. You could also upgrade to a 15.15 or so, but you should play with the 14.* first. All the jets between the 14 and 15mm SHA's are the same, so buying jets is worth it.


You don't have struts, just shocks. those are two different things. Measure them and order new ones. They are widely available


Make changes slowly, and one change at a time. Doing too much at once is just asking for major tuning problems. Add the pipe, up jet the carb one or two sizes, see how it runs. (edited)


Re: 1980 Rizzato Califfo parts?

Jeremy Homser /

His engine looks different in the pic than the egg motors

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